Your Important Place

“You can not have an emotion yesterday.

You can remember that emotion that you had yesterday, when yesterday was NOW.

And you can not have an emotion tomorrow. You can anticipate an emotion, that you will have tomorrow, but you’re doing it now.

So, ALL of your indication is now, now, now, now, now- ABOUT what you are doing with your thought!

The important thing is that WHAT you’re doing with your thought.

And the SUBJECT of your thought is NOT important!

The way the thought FEELS IS.

Because the subject of your thought… Oh, you are masters, you are genius, you can think about anything in the world that you want to think about, and Source Energy will flow towards it and curve out the relationship with THAT subject and you for your delight, for your pleasure, for your edification, for your expansion, for your enlightenment.

In other words, this is the cooperative Universe, and YOU MATTER A LOT here.

But we want you to see big picture, we want you to understand how you fit into all of it, we want you to CLAIM your important place in this, because you are not just here accidentally.

You are here purposefully, deliberately here. And you are not insignificantly here.


YOU MATTER to all-that-is! And we want you to matter to YOU.

We want how you feel to become of PREMIUM importance to you!” – Abraham Hicks

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*Image by Karl Egger  on Pixabay*



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