“Who you are is an energy flowing being, who looks endlessly for objects of attention.

The Nonphysical Energy that is your birthright must be flowing through you if you are to experience the joy that is natural to you.

In moments of love, or moments of eagerness, or moments of pleasure, or moments of fun, moments of contemplation, there are so many things you could be doing that give you that moment that is seamless, where your Inner Being is flowing through you.

And when your Inner Being is flowing through you, the perfect thing to do for the pleasure of your now experience and future unfolding always occurs to you and is revealed to you and unfolds to you.

Parking places open, traffic yields to you, people treat you nice, wise people come into your experience.

The mechanic knows what to do. Everyone finds the way to give you what you are reaching for through a path of least resistance.

And as your journey unfolds, it gives you life.”Abraham Hicks 💫 🌏 

Check out the awesome Quantum Movie below I Am In Flow  

If you’d like to know how to use simple “Healing Sound Tones” to instantly sync yourself up and align with the Universe’s natural flow check out this video from our friends at Sacred Sound Healing

When people listen to this sound for just 60 seconds, CRAZY things start unfolding…

Your negative emotions vanish…

Your energetic vibration soars…


Manifestation FINALLY becomes EASIER than ever before.

Click here to watch the video.




*Image by Tommy Rau on Pixabay*

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