Don’t Take It So Seriously

“We just said to you …..

“Don’t take the biggest issue and try to make that one work.”

Choose things that are easier.

And just try to become light hearted about things.

Look at things that are easier.

Don’t take life so seriously.

And don’t watch television ( Lol ).”

  – Abraham Hicks   ❤️ 

Check out the awesome quick video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers “Don’t Take Life So Seriously.” 

Did you know that hidden deep within the ancient Vedas religous texts that date back to 1000 years B.C. a map encoding the entire human genome was recently discovered ……

A gene that is said to be responsible for the activation of our “root” chakra,

Which is responsible for our ability to generate wealth, become rich, and create limitless abundance.

And even though everyone possesses this gene, it’s only active in less than 1% of people.

Get the full scoop here.




*Image by Sasin Tipchai on Pixabay*

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