Eckhart Tolle Oprah Appearances

Eckhart Tolle Oprah Appearances

The Eckhart Tolle Oprah appearances in Chicago are some of the most talked about appearances of a spiritual celebrity ( for want of a better word ) on a popular talk show and have helped to catapult Eckhart to a new level of recognition and popularity around the world.

The shows were a huge success, and it led to multiple XM radio shows about living in the present moment and embracing your life.

Below is a great quick video of Eckhart with Oprah on her SuperSoul Sunday show with his secret to stress free living.

Eckhart Tolle Oprah Appearance – Applying The Teachings

In the videos, Oprah and Eckhart talk about the “here and now” and what the term really means in our lives. Sometimes there are terms that begin to lose their meaning, because the terms are over-used in conversation. But, through his books and teachings, Eckhart has brought the term “here and now” back to life again, by showing people what it really means to live in the present moment.

Eckhart has been referred to as the “Father of the Now,” because he is so inspiring about the power of living in the moment.

His book, The Power of Now, was read by Oprah, and she saw the impact that the message could have on the world. She shared the book with her audience, and then decided to continue an ongoing series of interviews with Eckhart in order to help spread the message that he had to share.

His second book a New Earth was also heavily featured by Oprah. Here she is quoting the book and talking to Eckhart about his secret to happiness.

In the interview series, they discussed the concept that we only have the current moment that we are experiencing. Happiness is in the present, it can’t be found in the past or future. Mindful awareness is the only way to find true happiness and lasting joy.

In the Eckhart Tolle Oprah videos, he shares information about the fact that we have the power and ability to observe our own thinking, which means that the dialogue in our heads is not actually a part of who we are. When we realize this fact, we are able to find more peace and ease in our lives.

Applying Eckhart’s Teachings in Your Life

The most effective thing that we can do in our life is to trade our experience of living on autopilot to living a life of conscious decision and being keenly aware of the current moment. Focusing on our past experiences only results in sufferings and obsession over things that are no longer within our control. Instead of dwelling on things that have already happened, it is better to let go of the judgment and view our current situation from a loving, compassionate point of view.

In order to get away from the negative conversations that go on in our head, it’s important to recognize that a higher approach is to stop relying on thought and instead allow your consciousness to go past the point of thinking. Meditation is a great starting point for this.

Everything that we think about is derived from the past, and those thoughts are damaging to our current experience. Letting go of the thoughts allows a person to go to a deeper spiritual level within themselves, which brings them to a deeper dimension that no longer relies of thoughts.

This peace and calm can be applied by applying Eckhart’s teachings into daily living. New habits can be formed and thought patterns can be transformed, which will allow you to create a new reality for yourself.

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