The Key to This

How amazing would it be to manifest the things we want effortlessly and easily ?

It would be pretty great to supercharge our manifesting powers.

Check out this video and quote below from one of our favourite law of attraction teachers Abraham Hicks.

They may just help you relax into some more powerful creating 🙂

“It´s like with the super-highway, that´ll take you to places quickly.

And then, there´s the backroad, that is not nearly as efficient.

But it´s infinitely more satisfying!

You´re gonna see more critters, that run across the road, that way.

And you´re gonna see more streams, and have more access to more alignment.

And so, sometimes you wanna be on the fast track, and sometimes you wanna take a slower path.

But the real treasures are often not on the road, that you thought you wanted to be on!

So, sometimes, when a detour happens, and things are different then you think you wanted them to be, there are all kinds of treasures to discover.

And it´s the looking to those treasures, that is the key to this.”

Life is a never ending stream of meaningful moments.

You never run out of meaningful moments, you see.

And after a while, you just feel – it doesn´t even matter in which way life presents itself to you.”  – Abraham Hicks


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