Reprogram Your Mind, Using Your Computer

“It is your job to set your own tone.

So what you do is, you look for something that’s easy for you to feel good about.

The aspect of your life that is going well, there are always some of those.

And as you give your attention to that, you let that be your reason for establishing your tone.

And as you set your tone relative to that, now the universe accepts that as your tone relative to all things, you see.

So all you have to do is find the feeling of well-being relative to any aspect of your life and stay there on it long enough that the universe can begin to respond to it…

And then things just get better and better and better and better. ” Abraham Hicks 🙏🌏💫

Sometimes with all we have come to now about the law of attraction we still tend to over complicate things and make them harder than they need to be.

“Got to do my affirmations, meditations, visualisations etc….”

What if it really is supposed to be simpler than that ?

What if just setting our own tone on something that is easy to feel good about is all that it takes ?

Well our friends at Subliminal 360 have developed a pretty awesome new subliminal software for your PC or Mac.

Check it out for free here

It flashes 85,000+ subliminal messages on your screen daily…..all while you work, or play on Facebook.

You can use it to reprogram your subconscious to lose weight, gain confidence, improve memory, learn faster, become abundant, healthier, and more!

You can just choose one of these areas that make you feel good and have it constantly offering you feel good images throughout your day.

Plus you also get 5 x Brain Hacker brainwave MP3 audios worth $75, absolutely FREE of charge!

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