Time To Let It In

“I want, I like, I love, I will, I am …..

Let’s find the place of it.

I like, I like the resolution of resistance.

I love the allowance of the things I seek.

I so love to allow my financial prosperity.

I so love the feeling of allowing financial prosperity.

I love the feeling of alignment.

I love being in the vortex, and I now know how to get there.

I love the feeling of allowing financial well being.

I do know it’s a matter of contouring my own vibration.

I do know that I can tell by the way I feel how well I’m doing.

I do know that I am good at focusing on some subjects.

I do recognise that the subject of money is one I’ve negatively practised for a while.

I do know that I can change my thoughts about anything.

I do know that in changing my thoughts I can achieve more money.

I’m reaching for the feeling of relief that releasing resistance about money will give me.

I love being calm about money.

I love being assured about it.

I love that feeling about everything.

I’m beginning to understand that it’s about contouring my mind not about effecting results.

I believe I can contour my mind I do it relative to so many things.

So I can do it relative to this.

I’m expecting good results as I consistently hold my mind in a better feeling place.

I’m there right now. I’m holding my mind in a better feeling place right now.

I’ve found the relief I was seeking relative to the subject of the way I feel.

I can’t keep this up without improvement in everything in my life experience.

I am now feeling ease about the subject of alignment.

I have accomplished the ease that I sought out to achieve.

I did it. 

I accomplished the ease that I set out to achieve.” – Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌎 ❤️ 💫 

Check out the powerful quick video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers “Money Is Knocking On Your Door, It’s Time To Let It In.” 

P.S. Also have you Checked out the video from our friend Croix Sather at Instant Manifestation yet ?

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All by tapping into The Universal Vibrational Mind.




As Croix says “ The Vibrational Mind is what bridges you to Universal Consciousness.

It is where the real magic happens.

If the conscious mind is the top of the iceberg, and the SUB-conscious mind is the iceberg below the water, then the water is the Vibrational Mind.

This is what bridges you to everything, the universal connection and consciousness.”

In this video Croix will show you how to access the Vibrational Mind and how to align all three levels to, as he says “Turn your mind into an instant manifestation magnet.” 



*Image by raiKom on Pixabay*


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