Stop Pushing Against Yourself

“Imagine going down to the rivers edge, it’s a fast moving river, and you take your canoe , you put into the river, paddles already inside and you deliberately point your canoe upstream and begin paddling very hard.

And we always say when we see you do that ….

“Why not turn it around and go with the flow.”

Why not just let go of those oars, you don’t have to paddle downstream just let go of the oars and let the current take you.

And the reason we want you to get a picture of this is because we understand the stream.

We know what that stream is.

That stream is the life force that is you.

That stream is the calling of source.

That stream is your becoming.

That stream is taking you towards everything you want but even more important it’s taking you to the YOU that your life has caused you to become.

And when you don’t go that is the reason for your struggle.

When you don’t let yourself go with what is natural to you that’s what feels uncomfortable.

We really want to appeal to your logic here.

We want you to feel the power of who you are and we want you to recognise that if you think back, everything that ever turned out in a magnificent way always felt like it was downstream.

Those things that unfolded easily.

Those things that called you.

Those things that inspired you.

Those things that you said “hell yes” to.

Those things that you felt enthusiasm for.

Those things.

When you follow those things they always turn out well.”

–  Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫

Check out the powerful quick video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers  

P.S. How would you like to allow manifestations rather than struggle & strain to create them ?

Well check out the video from our friend Croix Sather at Instant Manifestation.

You may remember Croix from the news, he is the only person in the world to run 100 marathons plus give 100 keynote speeches in the same 100 consecutive days.

And he credits all of his success to learning how to tap into The Universal Vibrational Mind.

As Croix says “ The Vibrational Mind is what bridges you to Universal Consciousness.

It is where the real magic happens.

If the conscious mind is the top of the iceberg, and the SUB-conscious mind is the iceberg below the water, then the water is the Vibrational Mind.

This is what bridges you to everything, the universal connection and consciousness.”

In this video Croix will show you how to access the Vibrational Mind and how to align all three levels to, as he says “Turn your mind into an instant manifestation magnet.” 


Check out the video here




*Image by LTapsaH on Pixabay*


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