The Answer is Always The Same

“So the answer is always the same.

Soften, if you can, the resistance, which is responsible for the split energy.

So we would say things to ourself such as, ‘Everything in good time,’ and, ‘All is well,’ and, ‘I don’t have to do it this red-hot minute.’

Esther says to herself, ‘Later, gator, later, gator,’ meaning, ‘maybe I’ll think about it later but not right now.’

And the rhyme makes her laugh and feel playful about it.

‘Later, gator, later, gator, later, gator.’

And so what happens is, it’s what teachers for a long time have been wanting you to understand when they use the word surrender.

You’re not giving up on what you want, but you are surrendering or letting go of the resistance that right now is the only thing between you and what you want, you see.”   Abraham Hicks

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