Just Let Go

“People try to make something “better” happen – they turn upstream.

They say, “I’m going to set a goal” – they turn and go upstream, because there’s something in the attitude of trying, that always makes you turn against the current.

It’s something very different when you just let go:

You call it surrendering.

We don’t call it giving up on your desires – you can’t!

Your desires are eternal.

You cannot become less than you have become.

You can’t live life, which causes you to ask for more and then say, “Never mind”.

You can continue to amend your desire, but you continue to expand, and your stream continues to go faster and (we love you very much, but) you have no choice but to go with the flow if you are wanting to feel good.

The Art of Allowing is really about you figuring out how to keep up with You.

And when you allow yourself to keep up with You, oh, what an exhilarating life it is!” Abraham Hicks

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