The Leverage That You’re Seeking

The Leverage That You’re Seeking

How cool would it be to tap into the power and the leverage of the universe to help us with our work and businesses?

To be able to operate in a state of “flow” as opposed to struggle and strain.

Well as a passionate digital marketer and follower of the law of attraction, this is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking to do more of every day.

I came across this amazing piece from an Abraham-Hicks workshop today to help us leverage the power of the universe in whatever our work or business may be.

Abraham is talking to a guy who is a property entrepreneur but it applies to whatever work you may be involved in.

It’s business gold and pretty much the opposite of what we’re all led to believe as entrepreneurs….

“The leverage is in not caring about the outcome, and going for the fun.

The leverage is in the letting the chips fall where they may, and they’ll be great, but goin’ for the fun. I’m in this for the fun. I’m in this for the thrill.

Of watching the Universe with all of its talent and abilities.

I’m in it for the inspiration that I can discover, not for what my inspiration will lead to.

Because in the moment that you turn it toward the outcome, you’ve lost the leverage of the inspiration. Because now you are back in the action again.

We can say this better, and you’re helping us do this with the poignancy of your question because by all standards anyone looking at you would acknowledge the success that you’re having. But you want MORE than the success you’re having.

And it’s not that you want more money, or more houses, or more sales—it’s not that. It’s that you want more sweet spots.

Which means you want less action and more magic from the Universe—and we use that word believing that you know what we mean.

It isn’t magic, it’s you tapping into the magic that you’ve put in your Vortex. And you believing that your Vortex has spun it to gold. And you’re believing that you’re worthy enough to receive the inspiration of it.

And so you’ve found the place to hold yourself so that you can let the magic happen within you. And when the magic happens within you, it feels like exhilaration. It feels like fun. It feels like good timing. Timing.

So what is this leverage? What is this knowledge? Is it all the non-physicals that know about all of those things? Is it engineers? Is it scientists? Is it people who’ve planned spaces?

Yes, yes, yes, yes. . . . Is it anybody and everybody that’s ever had anything to do with what you’re doing now, and you’re in a vibrational place—talk about leverage.

Where you have the talent and inspiration of everyone who’s ever been involved in anything like this flowing through you right here, and now. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

This leverage that you’re reaching for—Oh, here it is—you have to move into the whole expansion of who you are.

You can’t be only as good as you were last week. You’ve got to be as good as you are now, you see. Because the stakes are higher, the desires are more. There’s more in the vortex. You’re more ready to receive.

And you know what’s really interesting about this? . . . If you have allowed yourself to RECEIVE, now there’s contrast there which has caused you to want to receive even more. In other words, everything is expanding—even your desire to be in a receptive mode. A receptive mode that is growing still.

All this that you’ve been living has been causing your Inner Being to expand too. So you’ve not only got to keep up with the expansion of your Inner Being—isn’t it fun?

Is it making you realize the power of all of this? Isn’t it making you want to finally do the only thing that you need to do which is just chill out and let the work you’ve already done come to fruition?

And what’s the fruition that we’re talking about? This is a big question.

Is the fruition another property? Another bunch of furniture that you’re moving around? Or is it the thrill of the inspiration as it’s flowing through YOU?

It’s not the result.

You’ve been saying it for years, you just didn’t know what you were saying when you say that the joy is in the journey—yes, the joy is in the never-ending journey. And the journey you took yesterday will not thrill you today.

The joy is in the new journey. The new journey. The new journey. The new journey. The new journey. The new journey.

So first you think you’re just buying properties. Now you’re discovering how to find the perfect property. Then you just thinking that you’re enhancing the property.

Yes. But even more than that, you’re molding the energy.”

– Abraham Hicks

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