Where I Am Is Just Right

“It is so easy to say:

‘No, wait! I don´t wanna be here’, or: ‘I didn´t want to be here’ or: ‘This went wrong.’

But if you could just say, and MEAN:

‘Where I am is just right, given ALL that I want.
I might not understand it.
I might not be sensitive enough, to the
vibrational path to UNDERSTAND the benefit, of all of that…’

You can even say:

‘I wanted an easier route.
Or, I wanted a route that felt more this way, than that way.’

But if you can just accept, that where you are
is RIGHT, not WRONG.

That is the thing we wanna say to you!!

Where you are, no matter where it is, in relationship to
where you want to be, is RIGHT! Not wrong!

It´s RIGHT. Not wrong.

Because, you are starting where you are!
And when you are accepting that it is right, than
immedeately, you turn in the direction of what you want!” – Abraham Hicks

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