Why You Came

“We want, very much, for you to come to the conscious knowing that you are Creators and that what a Creator is is one who focuses Energy.

We want you to come to feel the oneness of your physical perspective, and your Nonphysical Perspective.

We want you to FEEL the fun and the clarity and the passion and the enthusiasm and the fulfillment of being a physical being focused in this physical body, using your focusing mechanism, your very individual perspective, to focus Energy!

We want you to feel the hands-on creating that molding Energy really is. We want you to begin to direct Energy on purpose and to know – by the way you feel – how you are directing it, how in alignment with Source Energy you are to begin with, and how much of the Source Energy, that you are summoning through your desire, that you are allowing to flow toward your object of Creation.

You are here to keep bringing what-is forwards, even though your very existence means you are here, TO CREATE NEW!!!

You are not here to regurgitate what´s already here!
You are here to become FREER,
to become WHOLER,
to become NEWER,
to feel BETTER!

You didn´t come to regurgitate what-is!” – Abraham Hicks

P.S. Have you checked out the video yet from our friend Croix Sather on how to tap into the “Vibrational Mind” to help you find your purpose and live your big dream ?

In this video Croix will show you how to access the Vibrational Mind and how to align all three levels to, as he says “Turn your mind into an instant manifestation magnet.” 

Check out the video here



*Image by cocoparisienne  on Pixabay*



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