Your Worthiness

“We don´t know of any better way, any more EFFICIENT way, we don´t know of a FASTER way for you to finally accept your worthiness, than for you to line up and let some good stuff in, and line up and let some more good stuff in, and line up and let some more good stuff in, and FEEL THE PLEASURE OF SOURCE within you, as you are thriving.

That´s the way you will teach yourself the feeling of worthiness!

It´s by realizing, that THAT´S what the Universe wishes for you!

And when you hold yourself apart from the blessings, that are raining down all around you – that´s resistance, to something that is NATURAL.

“We think that you try to earn something, that is un-earnable.

And if you can accept that it´s un-earnable… ohh, that´s a big one!

That´s the best quote of the day:

If you can accept that the love that you seek is un-earnable….

You can´t earn it through your effort or your hard work, but you can line up with it through your absence of resistance.

THEN you start discovering:

It´s not magic.
It´s just natural.

You start feeling this natural flow of wellbeing.

And your desire to perform and jump through hoops begins to diminish.

If something is uncomfortable, withdraw your eyes from it.

If something is beautiful- give it your undivided attention!

If something tastes good, eat more of it!

If it tastes bad, eat less of it!

Move towards what feels good.

Move away from what does not feel good.

Until you show yourself, that you have that kind of discernment.

And then, watch what the Universe yields to you:

The subtle nuances, and the details, the perfection, things that you even forgot you told the Universe that you want, will show up with such perfect timing, that you will feel once again, that blessed, fortunate, worthy – worthy of the attention of source at all times-being, that you are.”  Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫 


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