Reach For Satisfaction

“Here’s the thing that we really want you to hear. Most would say …….”Well until what I want manifests then I won’t believe it.” And we say …. “You’ve got to have some faith and trust in the process.” And so we’re asking you not to try and feel certainty about it, and not to … Read more

The More You Appreciate

“The more I appreciate the more comes to me. The more I make peace with where I am and the more I appreciate whatever I give my attention to.” But for most people that sounds so simplistic there just has to be more. It is exhilarating to stand in a place where you know what … Read more

Your Leverage

“If you will leave with this word in your mind. Leverage. We’re speaking for you now …. “I am going to experience the leverage, the advantage, the power, utilizing the energy that creates worlds. I am going to do the energy work first, and then I’m going to follow my joyful impulse to the action … Read more

Uplevel Your Life

Check out this awesome tap along EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ) video with the awesome Brad Yates to help uplevel your life and operate at a higher level ✅ Brad has hundreds of free videos available on his Youtube channel that will help you with any particular resistance you may be feeling, from money worries … Read more

What You Want Wants You

“Your angst can only grind so much into place and it’s not that great. Let it go and find out what true leverage is. And no, you can never ever, ever, ever, ever EVER let go of your desire. You cannot let go of your desire. You know why ? Your inner being is all … Read more

How Far Am I From What I Want ?

“So when you say …. “How far am I from what I want ?” We say … let’s not talk about distance, it isn’t about distance, and it isn’t about time either. It’s about vibration. And if it’s about vibration then the only way you can translate it into anything relative, means it’s about emotion. … Read more

Words That Make Things Come

“I’m thankful for how I feel right now. I’m thankful for who I am. I’m thankful for who I be. I’m thankful that this is my point of attraction. I’m thankful that my inner being is aware of me. I’m thankful that I know this stuff. I feel happy. There’s nothing that I would rather … Read more

Feel Good About What You Want

When it comes to law of attraction it’s a pretty famous adage that the extent to which we don’t have what we want is the extent to which we’re resisting it. On some level. This might not be conscious and we may not even be aware of it. There may be some unconscious part of … Read more

Make It Easy For Yourself

“It’s so easy to just positively anticipate, if you haven’t been negatively anticipating ( just now ). Make it easy for yourself. Meditate early in the day, segment intend as best you can and don’t try so hard to make this about thinking. Let it be about receiving a thought. You are the one who … Read more

Expecting Miracles …. Again

In line with yesterdays post about expecting miracles I thought I’d post this powerful tap along EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ) video with the awesome Brad Yates. All about clearing your resistance to allowing some pretty great stuff. Get ready to expect some miracles ! Brad has hundreds of free videos available on his … Read more