The Amazing You

“We want you to remember and, maybe, re-discover the very important role you play, in this leading-edge-translation-of all-that-is!!!

Humans want to separate themselves!

You want God to be something outside of you, for the most part.

And you want to be something that is subservient, to that!

You want to do the right things, so that you will be blessed, by that.

But SO FEW humans really get it, that YOU ARE living, breathing extension of that, and that ALL of that is flowing to you, for the fulfillment of that WHICH IT IS!

Source and you are ONE AND THE SAME!

And if it where not for the bogus ideas that you have about it, that cause you to block the self, and not allow the fullness of it, you’d ALL be flying around!

With ease, and dexterity, and confidence, and certainty, and love – and, most of all, JOY.

You´d be having a much better time, if you could really understand your part IN ALL OF THIS.

Man wants to make himself not the most important part – when YOU ARE!

You are the most important part! You are on the leading edge!

You are sifting and sorting, and defining personally, that which is NEW!

And all that is, is backing you up, just eager for you to find the new that you want!

And then, when you find it – we’re all flowing to it.

Through you, and to it – whether you allow it yourself to be part of that, or not.”  – Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫

Just a little reminder today of how amazing you actually are 😀 

If you’d like a bit of additional help in uncovering the awesome amazingness of you that already exists.

Check out this video from our friend and Harvard psychologist Marion Neubronner at The Amazing You.

Marion is known for being the Harvard Psychologist that peak performers come to when they desperately need to win.

She’s trained Olympic Athletes who were secretly scared their winning streak was about to end.

Fortune 500 CEO’s who are facing crushing pressure from shareholders.

And Air Force Pilots who need to keep top marks if they want to keep their competitive spots.

And it’s all thanks to her unique 3 step formula to be unapologetic about what you want, uncover the awesome amazingness of you that already exists, and set yourself up for what she calls miracle manifesting.

Check it out here  



*Image by Rondell Melling on Pixabay*


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